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Jan 10, 2013 7:30pm PST
, we had split bathrooms. a separate room for a toilet, and a second room for a tub. i have done literally dozens of projects where we try to combine them. the difference in today's baffin's is there is a lot more stuff. double vanities, soaking tub, showers, toilets, bedets, a lot more things going on. >> has this economic decline at the moment -- has that affected people's desire for complexity in stuff? have you seen a short-term move toward simplicity? >> yes and no. people still love their bathrooms. people think of them as an important room, as an investment for their home. yes, there is the gamut. some people are really just for function and utilitarian. some of them are large and lavish and everything in between. >> we are going to start looking at a couple of little vignettes of bathrooms. we can talk about fixtures and use that as a springboard for questions for our audience and discussions from some of the manufacturers we have here. let's start by looking at one right back here. this is a really interesting one because this has some of the characteristics of a traditi
FOX News
Jan 18, 2013 12:00am PST
after you have had an intestinal problem they keep the toilet paper in the frige. >> really? >> have i never done that myself, but i hear that from somebody i travel with a lot that i am close to. >> so the toilet paper -- why bring toilet paper from another country? >> no, you put the toilet paper in the bathroom so when you get home from another country and you drink something you shouldn't have -- >> i want you to get specific. >> oh my god. >> every detail. i am still not following this. >> it is true, right? >> the luxury of the bureaucrat is in toilet paper? >> these are diplomatic secrets. >> i remember how excited i was when i found out how great frozen grapes were. >> i love those. >> is this similar? >> diplomats have dis iplorre -- diplorrea. >> that's why you have the story of the paper in the frige. >> this is like the new age stuff. what would cold toilet paper do? >> i think that if some things are feeling bad that this would act as a cold compress. >> oh this is for comfort. >> this is why this show will never move from 3:00 a.m. we are disgusting. >> every time we brea
Jan 10, 2013 1:35am PST
switched to finish. visit us on facebook. lysol believes no toilet is complete, until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner kills 99.9% of germs and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you want to do the whole job, lysol's got you covered. lysol believes no toilet is complete, until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner gives you maximum coverage from the rim down to the water line to kill 99.9% of germs. and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you want to do the whole job, lysol's got you covered. lysol. mission for health. and for an incredibly clean and fresh bowl with every flush, try the no mess automatic toilet bowl cleaner. >>> we told you last night about the life and death struggle after a man discovered a burglar inside his apartment. investigators are now telling us these four people were behind the scheme to scare the man. one of the partners in crime ended up getting stabbed to death in the process. christin ayers back where she was last night at that apartment complex i
Jan 14, 2013 9:00am PST
. >> no! are you kidding me? >>> these dudes give a lesson on how to use an asian squat toi toilet. we have the secret to a clean behind. >>> and -- >> do you guys remember the ikea monkey? >> do you guys remember the ikea monkey? >> the monkey with the jacket ♪ ♪ conquer dinner. one cut of meat at a time. the everyday collection. by target. >>> it's monday, and best of rtm time. that means bonus videos you can find on our website. >> last week we showed you all the things you can find on a cruise ship. this time, all the things you can find in vegas. greg benson from mediocre films is back with another hilarious take on all you can find in sin city. >> circus, circus. poker, video poker, video poker. >> it's an f'ing lot of stuff. >> this one is called k ee eed strangers. you can key their reaction. kissing them on the cheek. kissing some on the lips. pretty invasive. definitely a video you want to watch all the way through. to do that, head to our website and click on best of rtm. >>> before this video, prepare yourself. >> i wish i would have seen this before
Jan 28, 2013 8:00am PST
, a series of middle moments which may include eating, sleeping, toileting, and playing. these are the moments in a child's preschool life when valuable lessons are learned. tell him it's your grocery cart. it's my grocery. hello. i'm joanne hendrick, author of the whole child and your guide to this video series. in this program, we'rgoing to look at some of the daily routines which make up most of a young child's day. we'll see why these "middle moments" can be so meaningful in the lives of our preschool children, and we'll learn what we can do to help foster both emotional and physical growth during these middle moment opportunities. we'll visit with children and teachers from a number of different early childhood programs-- family day-care homes, head start, university-based lab schools, and private child-care centers-- and we'll see how they make the most out of the day's middle moments. this is simba and nala when they were growing. and this is when...when they growed up apart, ok? let's pretend, o hendrick: a child's life isn't always full of new and exciting event
Jan 29, 2013 5:30pm EST
ennsylvania high sccool. that's beeause the princiial removed the "toilet &ppaper". administrators removee toilet paper from the boos bathrooms because they say students were shooing rolls f it in the toilet....streeming it over the fllor....eeee urinnting on &phe floor. now students - are forced to sign out a roll from the ffont office wwenever - react to story- adlii toss to vytas... 3 we're saying thank ou to the -3&pfans that make our acebook page a success.toddy's ffcebook fan of the day iss & riiky oulddbe a fox 45 fan of the day. & dayyall you have o doois go to facebook dot com, ssash fox bbatimore and licc the "like" button..e have a newwfan of the day... every weekday... oo 3 3 ray lewis linked to performaacc enhancing drugs... his n spprts unlimited... 3phe ravens survived something them thannssper bowl 47... medda day in ew full hhur... surrounded byy -3 ttoussnds of cameras and reeorttrs.our own... sports diiector bruceecuuningham, one 11 years later...with offensive playe
Jan 29, 2013 6:00pm PST
a nice selection of things floating around there, things from bubble gum wrappers, toilet paper, whatever you dump down the toilet, whatever gets into our storm drains, that's what gets into our waste water treatment and we have to clean. >> see these chains here, this keeps scum from building up. >> on this end in the liquid end basically we're just trying to produce a good water product that doesn't negatively impact the receiving water so that we have recreation and no bad impact on fish and aquatic life. solids is what's happening. . >> by sludge, what exactly do you mean? is that the actual technical term? . >> it's a technical term and it's used in a lot of different ways, but this is organic sewage sludge. basically what it is is, oh, maybe things that come out of your garbage disposal, things that are fecal in nature. it's sludge left in the water after the primary treatment, then we blend those two over and send them over to digestion. this building is built to replace tanks here that were so odoriferous they would curl your hair. we built this as an interim process. >> is there
Jan 17, 2013 1:35am PST
no toilet is complete, until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner gives you maximum coverage from the rim down to the water line to kill 99.9% of germs. and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you want to do the whole job, lysol's got you covered. lysol. mission for health. and for an incredibly clean and fresh bowl with every flush, try the no mess automatic toilet bowl cleaner. >>> well t bay area is on the vernal of getting yet -- well, the bay area is on the verge of getting yet another area code. sharon is live in what still is the 451. hello sharon? >> reporter: hello liz? >> hello liz. well, this phone is a 415 and 92% of those prefixes have been used up this could be a 628. this san francisco store turned 415 into a brand is blaze but the area code for some parts is expected to run out of numbers by october 2015. >> i don't think the 415 will fully go away. everybody will still want that piece of 415. >> reporter: they held their first meetings to ask the public what it thinks of the new area code. it has t
Jan 29, 2013 5:00am EST
pennsylvania school. principal is making boys sign out the toilet paper. >> we take a look at what is behind this big controversy. >> reporter: this is what is causing big controversy at menoy area high school actually roll of toilet paper used to cleaning i'm mess is actually the cause of quite a mess. >> i think it is as far as can you possibly take it as far as the toilet paper. it doesn't make much sense to me. >> reporter: matthew is a freshman at the school where administrators removed toilet paper from one of three boy's bath yooms they are doing it because damage was done with toilet paper being shoved down and flushed. >> reporter: administrators say the kids were streaming toilet paper all over the floor and even urinating on the floor. the principal temporarily closed that one bathroom and boys have to sign out a roll of toilet paper at the front office if they want to use that bathroom. embarrassing, says math just everybody knows what is going on. >> reporter: matthew's mom went to a meeting appalled by the procedure that the principal put in place. >> i thought are you kidding
Jan 29, 2013 9:00am EST
first to rent toilet paper. not sure you want to rent toilet paper. find out why students and parents are fed up. we'll be back. ack. >> and could you sing it for me? as we head to the break, don't forget to send me questions to ask allison. i answer questions on friday in the 9:00 hour. send to click on the morning tab for links to all of that goodness. we'll be right back. ♪ making the big romantic gesture. that's powerful. verizon. get a nokia lumia 822 in red for free. you can do more business per second. and with more reliable internet, that's more per second. and with a dedicated line, it's more per second. and with an additional line, it's more... table for 15? [ male announcer ] ...per second. but most importantly, it's more... mmm! [ male announcer ] ...per second. get verizon high-speed internet and phone for just $84.99 a month when you sign up online with a two-year price guarantee. plus a $200 verizon visa pre-paid card and an additional line included. verizon. >>> what happens when the women of the dmv get together for a good cause? it's a celebration like
Jan 30, 2013 5:00pm EST
pennsylvania a high school has taken the toilet paper out of the boys' bathrooms. the principal at mahoney area heist he did it because students were intention -- high says he did it because students were intentionally clogging up the toilet. so now students have to go to the office to request toilet paper and sign it in and sign it out. >> i think it's stupe, but i guess you got to do -- stupid, but i guess you got to do what you got to do. >> i'm against people vandalizing the bathrooms, not against giving out toilet paper. >> i think it's a little ridiculous, but i guess that's how it is. >> they call it the walk of shame when you go to get toilet paper. >> some parents are complaining. one parent told a local newspaper some students are too embarrassed to go to the office to get toilet paper, so they go homesick instead. at some point the principal said he's considering putting the toilet paper back in the bathrooms, but i guess the young men have to shape up their behavior. >>> coming up on wusa9 a new drug tested for children with autism looking for local families to participate in our he
Jan 5, 2013 2:30pm PST
and falling in the shower. they are having a hard time geting off the toilet which in many cases are in strange positions close to the wall, further away from the wall, i get that feedback all the time. one tenant i see all the time that i saw last week she has her ihss case worker sit right outside the bathroom while she takes her shower because she is afraid she will fall and won't be able to call out for the help she needs if she falls. i do understand there is a cost associated with this but i think it is a very small cost in comparison to the increased safety the tenants will have in their bathrooms and their homes. as we look at the population of people who live in sro's, people are aging in place. some people really do like their homes and try to make the modifications to stay there, but the reality also in this market, especially in the mission district where i do the outreach, there's not a lot of options for renters. there's not a lot of options for low income people and the way our rent ordinance is in san francisco, someone moved into a building 15 years ago and w
FOX News
Jan 18, 2013 2:00pm PST
come back from a country after you have had an intestinal problem, keep the toilet paper in the fridge. >> really? >> i heard this. i have never done it myself but i hear it from someone that travels a lot i'm close to. >> why do you bring toilet paper from another country? >> no. you keep it in the bathroom so you get home from another country and drink something you shouldn't have you get -- >> no, no, no. i want every detail. i'm not following this. >> this is true. >> the luxury of the bureaucrats is frozen toilet paper? >> dana: okay. so i explain all this. i made a convincing case. i have believed this for 16 years. this segment about how men and women converse differently. i got home and my husband said how was "red eye" taping? it was great. i got to use one of your travel tips. he said dana, that's a joke. so for all of you who thought and last night put your toilet paper in the fridge to try out that experiment, i have to confess, this is the true confessions, greg, i told an untruth. >> greg: amazing. >> dana: peter would always say if you have a hot curry and then you -- >>
Jan 9, 2013 1:35am PST
of meat at a time. the everyday collection. by target. 3q lysol believes no toilet is complete, until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner gives you maximum coverage from the rim down to the water line to kill 99.9% of germs. and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you want to do the whole job, lysol's got you covered. lysol. mission for health. and for an incredibly clean and fresh bowl with every flush, try the no mess automatic toilet bowl cleaner. before he sideswiped the bay bridge. th vessel >>> we learned that way, went out to the tanker pilot right before he sideswiped the bay bridge. the u.s. coastguard said vessel traffic service warned the pilot moments before his tanker grazed a brim tower. right now the overseas reymar is anchored off treasure island. that's where it's been since yesterday morning's crash. turns out the man at the helm is no stranger to maritime mishaps. captain guy kleess was involved in three previous minor scrapes. in august of '09 his ship was briefly grounded in the sacramento rive
Jan 8, 2013 8:00am PST
, not for human beings. there were no seats. they did not allow for us to speak or ask for anything like toilet or water or anything. if you ask about anything, they beat you and assault you a very bad words. >> how many of you were in this airplane? >> about 20, 25 people. the flight takes off from qatar. it stopped somewhere and it put on other people and continue to bagram. we arrive at bagram in early 2007 -- 2001 -- 2002. >> generous 7, 2002. it is notno exactly three months after the u.s. started bombing afghanistan. >> yes. >> and your bought -- brought to the bagram air force base. >> an it take about three hours or four hours. they take everybody down. we think the aircraft stops in bagram and they take one by one and when they reach the door of the aircraft, they pushed the people from their. at that point, they take out -- >> they take the shackles off your legs. >> it is far away by legs twist. i fall down on the ground. january is very cold. the weather is under 0. so you hear the cry of people shouting and dogs. they start beating everyone. they asked me, why did you come to fight
Jan 29, 2013 6:00am EST
:33,this morning. 33 comiig up... p3 a bathroom without toilet - paper..hy one school isn't supppying ii anymore. 3 and next... president obama says itts one oo his top priorities of his second term. 33 ttday... n immmgration reform. news.. all local.. all morninn. -& 3& ((break 3)) living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage. humira, adalimumab, can help treat more than just the pain. for many adults, humira is clinically proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b are prone to infec
Jan 6, 2013 10:00am PST
. >> really, you of toilet paper. i would rather use that than maybe newspaper. >> a variety of things and tools and something for entertainment. one thing i notice a whistle, about people that might be trapped. >> folks that have disabilities or that maybe elderly and hard to move around, they have challenges already every day. so throw in extra challenges like a disaster. they could find themselves stranded. in many cases for folks in the disabled community we recommend they have a whistle or flashlight and several of these. if a bookcase falls they can't step over it. they can alert the neighbors, i am in trouble. i need to navigate around to get out. >> if somebody has made it out safely and worried about neighbors, what should they do. >> if you have made it out, check on your neighbors. we recommend that you do that ahead of your time and develop a relationship. neighborhood watch program isn't just for crime, you may have a neighborhood elderly that can get in and out okay, you now would be the person that saves their lives. you don't want to have them stuck there and have no wa
Jan 3, 2013 1:00pm PST
might as well lick the toilet seat. you might as well go a public rest room in a gas station and just lick the toilet seat irchlt take it this video grosses you out? [ laughter ] >>> this guy took his glider up into the sky to show off his flying skills. >> a glider? how can you possibly do this in a glider? >> see how it's done, next. and -- >> here we go. you want a good, hard push. >> and hitting the slopes on a shovel. >> your sled is just a sled. this is a shovel. it's got another purpose now. >> but does it work like a sled? find out on "right this minute." >>> time for another 3we689 of "rtm" where we tell you about a bonus video you can find on our website. what do you in? >> beth, you've got have a lot of trust in the your friends to do one of those trust fall thing, where you fall back and they catch you? >> i would catch you. >> i trust you, beth. what about this, walking around town just going up to people and just doing the trust fall. obviously, lots of people aren't ready for it, but you've got see the goodness of some people. they do try to catch the guy. kind of a pra
Jan 28, 2013 1:00pm PST
or fake videos with ebaum's world. first, see you what you get when you shazam a toilet frush. >> oh! >> i don't want to say fake. >> and what happens when you make your husband mad? >> i think it's real. >> well, i've done a little research on this one. >> watch and decide, next. >>> ladies and gentlemen, may i ein vit you to these nuptials. as you can see it was a lovely affair. >> the day is here. everything's done that can be done. we're going to enjoy the day. >> custom made shoes. custom made dress. it was catered. look at her dress. beautiful. fancy dress, fancy shoes. looks beautiful. look at the veil, the groom. he's happy. everybody is so beautiful in the video. the wedding photographer, jean-marcus strole. >> but the videographer, steve ar sense yo. jean-marcus strole says this happens. >> oh, no. >> do you see what's going on? there is an epic food fight at the wedding. >> she has wine on her dress? >> a great party and a great day. >> a trash your dress moment. it's really popular. people like to trash their dresses after weddings. >> but you have to wait until after the weddi
Jan 24, 2013 9:30am PST
,000 is compatible with most toilets. costs about $20 according to johnny napalm. he doesn't show the video, because -- >> i definitely have my pants around the video right now. >> he's testing the product. and how do you test a bidet? >> really there's only one way. >> oh! that's -- oh -- >> what? >> he actually seems surprised. i mean, that's what he paid for. right? >> ah -- >> i can't imagine it heats the water first. ice cold water in your thingy. >> how does it know where to go? >> and this thing has five speeds. >> one for, like, green jell-o and one all the way up to a bur prieto. >> -- burrito. >> three's kind of painful. oh, four's a lot. oh, man. coming outside the toilet now. oh my gosh. shake me a little bit. that was weird. >> he's out of breath after this. >> but clean. >> so what did we learn from this? >> lowe's would be enough to get the job done. >>> that's our
Jan 1, 2013 9:30pm PST
visited our toilets. at long last they have what is called water flows that are going to save us millions of gallons of water. this is in our great city hall in the year 2012. and i think in the year 2013 that will be accomplished. that's good. that's in keeping with our policies. finally, as espinola jackson stated, or dr. jackson stated, the factor had a burden imposed on it because of the history. you know the concrete, the aggregate companies. other refuse and so on and so forth. so holistically we need to devise a blueprint so that those who have been impacted that justice is done. >> thank you very much. any other public comments? i thought we had some -- any other public? no other public comments. all right. we will take note of the communications, is that correct? item 5? >> correct. >> commissioner moran. >> mr. president, a couple of items under communication, "f" and "g" are basically the water supply report. i have reviewed those and had some conversations with staff. i think there is a couple of areas where the reports are incomplete. and other areas because of that
Jan 13, 2013 2:30pm PST
uses. you want garbage bags. line the toilet with trash bags. you want to line it, line it up use the tape, tape it around. the other bag to hold it. put a second bag in there. in a disaster you don't have to go outside you use your own bathroom close the door. you have one lined on the toilet, you take it out and tie it up. comfortable shoes. if you have one in the trunk of your car that's great. also have one at work. get an old pair of sneakers, put it in your bag and put if under the desk. if you have to walk home you have comfortable shoes. pet food. make sure you have food and water for them. kids, too. make sure you have stuff to keep them entertained. after 2 hours, you will be in trouble. be aware of that. information. these are the initially, you are going to have all the radio stations will have emergency broadcast system. they will tell you where to go. where's the shelter supplies. initially after any disaster all the radio stations will broadcast on what's happening. the news to tell you what's happening. after that they will broadcast the evacuation centers. where
Jan 12, 2013 12:00pm PST
's toilets. >> the machine is an ecological waste treatment system for water resouls. so, the living machine to accelerate what happens naturally in nature is biomimickery that happens in tidal estuaries. it brings in nutrients to the microbes. it's delivered in the air, and does the rest of the process, chewing up those nutrients in the water and producing nitrogen and carbon. we're doing that in a system where we're creating 12 to 16 tides per day. >> the wastewater for our building begins its journey by travel tog our primary tank which is a fairly normal looking manhole. beneath these manholes is a 10,000 gallon primary tank. there are two chambers. the trash chamber which filters out the trash and plastics and the organic solids settle out just as normal wastewater treatment process is. the water then flows to an equalization tank, a recirculation tank, and then on to tidal flow wetlands cell 1a. all those these cells look to be only 3 or 4 feet deep, they're actually 8 feet deep below this concrete sidewalk. the water repeatedly cycle into the cell from the bottom up. as the water com
FOX News
Jan 29, 2013 10:00pm PST
] ocuvite. help protect your eye health. >> there is no more toilet paper. the principal says students were vandalizing the bathrooms, stuffing toilet paper into the toilets and streaming it all over the floor. butted paraphernalias say, it's appalling. >> it's a barbaric thing to come up with. >> it's embarrassing. it's embarrassing for our kids. we have how many kids that are so shy? you know? it doesn't make sense to me. >> prisoners are treated better. and that's -- that's bad. >> we want to know what you think. does the toilet paper policy go too far? we are back in 2 minutes. we're all having such a great year in the gulf, we've dided to put aside our rivalry. 'cause all our states are great. and now is when the gulf gets even bett. the beaches and waters couldn't be more beautil. take a boat ride or just lay in the sun. enjoy the wildlife and natural beauty. and don't forget our amazing seafood. soome to the gulf, you'll have a great time. especially in alabama. you mean mississippi. that's florida. say louisiana or there's no dessert. brought to you by bp and all of us who ca the gu
Jan 5, 2013 6:00am PST
already operates one. >> there are opening up a cat to use russia as a nuclear toilet. it is lane -- they are opening up a door to use russia as a nuclear corlette. it is lining up the sites. russia is first on the list. >> it remains a hotly debated topic. >> more sober panels were installed in 2012 than ever before -- solar panels were installed in 2012 than ever before 7,600 megawatts per year. germany now has the potential capacity to produce around 32,000 megawatts of solar power per year, the equivalent of 23 nuclear power plant. the presidents of sudan and south sudan have begun talks on achieving better relations between their two countries. needing in the ethiopian capital, the president of the south sudan and his counterpart from the north say they want to diffuse hostility and restart will transport across the border. fighting has continued, despite a peace deal last september. hundreds of local tourist have set forth -- bushfires in tasmania. thousands are stranded by the blaze on the eastern side of the island. the temperatures have eased for now. firefighters are war
Jan 16, 2013 9:00am PST
of overview and not a detailed inspection. so things like if there is the garbage can next to the toilet in the bathroom informing them to move that. so if it is really well and relatively easy medium level barriers and we have those identified, and some samples identified in the brochure. and then asian neighborhood design will work with the property owner. if it is high-level barriers and then it may involve some construction-related activity that might require permits from your department, and then it is immediately referred to a certified or the recommendation is for the business to get a certified access specialist opinion on the correct remediation. we don't have the funds to fund yet the cast inspection, but really encouraged the business owner to take that direction. so often, i think that many business owners are intimidated in terms of when they hear a disability access and improvements and think it is going to be a lot money and a lot of improvements and may not understand the nuances in relationship to the law of what is actually required and what is readily achievable, and s
Jan 24, 2013 5:00am PST
. >> 15 seconds, i have the map, reference to the 200' to the toilet. if you do a little subtraction, this is a public works map. you will see it's a good 200' plus the time you go up the stairway to the back is probably 240 feet. thank you. >> legalo again. i have a few things to talk about like now. first of all, notice. radius services did notice from the midpoint of the block face using assessor's block as they have always done in all of these situations. if for some reason the board of appeals feels going forward a different radius should be used that would be great, but we were going on what radius service has always done. i find it interesting that the apants would like you to see it says radius, radius every where else, but doesn't say radius when it comes to the walking distance, but take notice of the fact it says assessor's block, assessor's block and that is one issue for me. another there w were questions about the truck issue, and i would like to talk about the fact that expresso subito does have a second truck operating in another location that hasn't offered so far,
Jan 19, 2013 1:35am PST
residues for a sparkling shine. lysol believes no toilet is complete, until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner kills 99.9% of germs and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you want to do the whole job, lysol's got you covered. been killed in that hostage >>> well, we've learned that at least one american, a man from texas, has been killed in that ongoing hostage crisis in algeria. other americans, we don't know how many, are still being held by islamic militants. these were some of the lucky ones who escaped when the algerian army attacked the gas plant where they were being held. some say the captors booby- trapped them with explosives. others say they hid under beds and prayed. algeria news service says a dozen hostages were killed. roughly 30 foreigners are still unaccounted for. >>> the suspected mastermind of the hostage crisis is a rebel leader with ties to al-qaeda. some call him the marlborough man. others just call him one eye. cbs reporter david martin says no matter what his alias, the u.s. calls h
Jan 9, 2013 10:00pm EST
't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner gives you maximum coverage from the rim down to the water line to kill 99.9% of germs. and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you want to do the whole job, lysol's got you covered. lysol. mission for health. and for an incredibly clean and fresh bowl with every flush, try the no mess automatic toilet bowl cleaner. ♪ ♪ conquer dinner. one cut of meat at a time. the everyday collection. by target. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. >>> a man is dead another badly hurt after their ride in an inflatable ball went horribly wrong. they were riding it down the mountain when it bounced off the path and over a rocky ledge. both men were thrown out of the ball, one died. the manufacturer said the resort ignored safety guidelines. >>> dramatic ending to a romantic wedding aboard this hot air balloon the bride and groom just finished exchanging vows when a strong gust of wind grabbed the balloon. they made a crash landing into a fence
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